Standard chimneys

  • Chimneys for exhaust air as well as suctioned air and process-gasses
  • Executions in different qualities of steel
  • Single or double wall
  • With swinging-dampers if needed to reduce the amplitude of the swinging
  • Own design and production
  • All chimney accessories
  • Possibility of integrated silencer

Also see Niessing

  • Installation in mouscron/Moeskroen

    Exhaust pipe for a big engine, with silencers and the chimney

  • Installation in Reis-France

    Exhaust chimney in case of fault in an ammonia installation

  • Installation in Orange -France

    Chimney with integrated silencer, diameter 3,600 mm

  • Installation in Germany

    Double chimney for Rockwool

  • Mounting of chimney

    Mounting of a chimney on a pre-assembles anchor-ring

  • Installation in Ostend

    Mounting of the upper part of a chimney, with 5 internal chimneys integrated

  • Installation in Ostend

    Chimney with 5 integrated and isolated chimneys, external diameter 3,600 mm