Dedusting installations

Define, calculate, design, deliver and mount complete dedusting installations.

  • Great or small
  • Mounting
    • Complete mounting
    • Partial mounting
    • Delivery only
    • Supervision of mounting
  • According to agreement with customer

With possible use of

  • Bag filters
  • Compact filters
  • Round filters
  • Cartridge filters
  • Explosion proof filters
  • Sanitation of asbestos


  • Design
  • Piping
  • Mounting
  • Electrical switchboard with CPU

The installation can be delivered with complete erection included as with partial or without mounting.

The installation is designed in dialogue with the customer to come to a dedusting installation which satisfies the customer optimally and is defined and built according to the most modern techniques.

Also see DFT GmbH Deichmann Filter Technik

  • Roundfilter

    Roundfilter hot galvanised, dsf2bar, diameter 1.200 mm

  • Filterhead with fan

    Dedusting of hopper filled with 2 bulldozers

  • Complete dedusting installation

    Dedusting of  slabbing installation

  • Bagfilter

    Clean air side of a bagfilter with the cleaning mechanism

  • Bag-filter with screw

    Bagfilter incorporated in existing installation, with incorporated and extended filterscrew

  • Insulated bagfilter

    Insulated bagfilter during mounting

  • Small bagfilter

    Bagfilter dsf 10bar

  • Round filter D1200 mm

    Round bagfilter dsf 10 bar

  • Mounting of bag filter

    Mounting of a bag filter in between 2 other bagfilters with penthouse

  • 2 bagfilters with penthouse

    2 bagfilters for the dedusting of 5 charging zones for trucks and trainwagons (beter trainwaggons)  together with 16 other dedusting points

  • Dedusting installation

    Small dedusting installation for densimetric table

  • Compact filterinstallation

    Filterinstallation with compactfilter

  • Dedusting installation

    Bagfilter for the dedusting of a sieve installation

  • Installation with compact-filter

    Dedusting installation with compactfilter in salt-application

  • Mounting of bagfilter

    Mounting of a small bagfilter

  • Dedustinginstalaltion

    Dedusting of transfer points of conveyors

  • Roundfilter dsf2bar

    Roundfilter on silo, dsf 2 bar

  • Delivery of a bagfilter

    Delivery on site of a bag filter, hopper with screw completely premounted

  • Bagfilter with fan and silencer

    Mounting of a bagfilter with its fan and silencer (intermediate phase)

  • Mounting of a bagfilter

    Mounting of a small bagfilter, delivered premounted