Filter spareparts

  • Production from fibre to endproduct
  • Quality from Polyester to Teflon
  • Special treatments possible such as:
    • Oil and liquid repellent
    • Epitropical /antistatical
    • Mechanical and chemical fire-spark-protection
    • PTFE-membran
    • And others
  • For different filterfabricants
  • All qualities
  • All dimensions
  • For different filterfabricants
  • In different materials
  • For bagfilters and cartridgefilters
Membranvalves and pilotvalves
  • For different filterfabricants
  • Different executions
    • Only on time
    • With differential pressure
    • With time and differential pressure combined
    • With after-cleaning (even with different interval possibility)
  • Roundfilter

    Roundfilter hot galvanised, dsf2bar, diameter 1.200 mm

  • Filterhead with fan

    Dedusting of hopper filled with 2 bulldozers

  • Complete dedusting installation

    Dedusting of  slabbing installation

  • Bagfilter

    Clean air side of a bagfilter with the cleaning mechanism

  • Bag-filter with screw

    Bagfilter incorporated in existing installation, with incorporated and extended filterscrew

  • Insulated bagfilter

    Insulated bagfilter during mounting

  • Small bagfilter

    Bagfilter dsf 10bar

  • Round filter D1200 mm

    Round bagfilter dsf 10 bar

  • Mounting of bag filter

    Mounting of a bag filter in between 2 other bagfilters with penthouse

  • 2 bagfilters with penthouse

    2 bagfilters for the dedusting of 5 charging zones for trucks and trainwagons (beter trainwaggons)  together with 16 other dedusting points

  • Dedusting installation

    Small dedusting installation for densimetric table

  • Compact filterinstallation

    Filterinstallation with compactfilter

  • Dedusting installation

    Bagfilter for the dedusting of a sieve installation

  • Installation with compact-filter

    Dedusting installation with compactfilter in salt-application

  • Mounting of bagfilter

    Mounting of a small bagfilter

  • Dedustinginstalaltion

    Dedusting of transfer points of conveyors

  • Roundfilter dsf2bar

    Roundfilter on silo, dsf 2 bar

  • Delivery of a bagfilter

    Delivery on site of a bag filter, hopper with screw completely premounted

  • Bagfilter with fan and silencer

    Mounting of a bagfilter with its fan and silencer (intermediate phase)

  • Mounting of a bagfilter

    Mounting of a small bagfilter, delivered premounted